About New Patient Referrals

Jeffrey Simms
Managing Director

My name is Jeff Simms, and I am the managing director of NPR. Father of three, grandfather, author, expert in PR and Marketing and having personally visited hundreds of dental practices in every state except Hawaii; I bring 25 years of experience in word of mouth, buzz and referral marketing to you.

NPR is a Referral Marketing and PR company. During my 25 years in the Practice Management and Entertainment Management businesses I have discovered some very basic and extremely effective referral marketing methods. I have created a system that will integrate quickly into your practice to greatly increase the flow of Referred New Patients with ease. Every client is a VIP at NPR; the service you will receive is professional, enthusiastic and brilliantly delivered to you. I am committed to making your experience with us creative and very rewarding.

natalie simmsNatalie Simms
Creative Director

Natalie Simms has spent the last 15 years as a private professional fundraiser organizing large and small events and handling public relations in regard to schools and funding buildings for non- profit organizations. Her events, dinners and fundraising projects have raised over 20 Million Dollars. Prior to that; she worked in marketing conducting seminars in the dental, chiropractic, veterinary and podiatry fields.

Natalie is herself an expert in buzz, referral, and prospect marketing as it applies to Internet and word of mouth in many fields including music, fine arts, as well as small businesses. Mother of three, married for 25 years; Natalie decided to eliminate travel from her workaday world after the arrival of her first grandchild. She expanded her marketing skills to graphic design to create the beautiful referral cards offered by her husbands company; New Patient Referrals.

The New Patient Referral Staff

Bill Halverson - Senior Service Consultant
Marc Silber - West Coast Marketing Rep
Tommy Simms -Designer/SEO Marketing
Alli Sharp -Lead Designer
Angie Simms- Presentations Director
Danny Halverson - Online Director
Ashley Reichel - Executive Assistant

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