The NPR Referral Marketing System

Lighthouse Referral Marketing

Owner Jeff Simms has been an advisor in the dental field for over 25 years. As a result of working with over 5000 dental offices, he has discovered the keys that will produce a huge number of referred new patients into your dental office.

In order to have a referral system that will produce an abundance of new patients you must have every component intact. Like a fine tuned machine the NPR Referral System has every part in place and functioning properly. The continuous recommendation from existing patient’s to new patients is one of the most powerful elements of a successful dental office.

Ultimate Referral System Benefits
·An abundance of quality new patients
·Creates a higher level of motivation for your entire team
·A greater number of people will benefit from your services creating more positive impact on your community
·Your active patient base will grow increasing the value of your practice
·Increased production and income

Of 200 fee for service patients surveyed 184 said they rely on word of mouth when choosing a dentist. 81% of adults in the US 18 years and up rely on word of mouth for all major purchase decisions. Referred new patients are more likely to maintain a long term relationship with you. You get a higher case average with referrals.

Direct your marketing efforts to increase the referral activity in your practice and you will win:

  • NPR will work with your team so that they all understand and adopt your mission.
  • We will create your theme; this is a message that will travel easily.
  • Teach staff to orient your patients effectively, this done correctly will produce results quickly.
  • You will learn how to continually remind your patients and staff to refer friends and family to your office. This is done with ease and very professionally. There is a right way and a thousand wrong ways to discuss referrals with patients, NPR will show you the RIGHT WAY.
  • The referral card; you will receive one order of beautiful, high quality referral cards, per season; that are designed so that your staff and patients will love handing them out.
  • Rewards; NPR will help you establish a rewards program where everybody wins.
  • Consistency; NPR has discovered exactly how to keep your referral program continuously producing new patients. It’s fun and very creative, it’s not time consuming and you will get tons of new patients.

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