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Smile Sensations
“I learned how to play the referral game with fun and ease, no awkward phrases or moments. I learned about relationships with patients and how to get them to trust you.”
-Kevin Potocsky DDS
“I think that this is an extremely easy marketing system to implement into any office. As much as I cannot stand role playing, you made it very effective, comfortable and fun. I think this is going to work remarkably in our office and we will see great success with it. Out of all the training seminars we’ve been doing and trying to put in place, this was by far the best and the one I feel confident that I can pass on to my patients and help make work for our team.”
-Stacie (Staff)

“I thought you did an amazing job explaining everything we needed to know to give our office more business. I’ve learned a lot from you today and I thank you very much.”
-Destinee (Staff)

“I really enjoyed the meeting about ‘Smile more, Live more’. I really think that it was a very useful tool in helping our office toward a very positive new start. I feel that it will definitely help our practice grow in a positive direction. I think that it has also helped to open up the lines of communication with our staff members.”
-Lisa (Staff)

“This course taught me how to make more abundance here in the dental office and in my personal life also. How thoughts and energy work. To find out what is missing in the office or your own life and change it to positive abundance energy. As an old song says, ‘When you’re smiling the whole world smiles with you’! By doing these cards with a great smile abundance comes. Yes, yes, yes, with positive thoughts!”
-Cheryl (Staff)

“I thought it was a refreshing new approach! The role playing with each person was good. It will be exciting to track our success.”
-Jan (Staff)

Adelanto Dental Care

“Thank you very much, Jeff, for your awesome program and wonderful presentation and training, and for your kindness and guidance. I think now we know what to say and how to say it exactly to our patients. We are very excited to have this program and will implement this religiously. Thank you again. Talk to you soon.”
-Felix Peng, DDS

“I am very happy and surprised that you made this already perfect program even better [for our second practice]. Thanks.”
-Felix Peng, DDS
“I learned how powerful word of mouth can be. How being simple and sincere can be effective in making patients feel good about referring patients to us. How powerful the word ‘Yes’ can be, not just in business but also on a personal level. Always be consistent.”
-Maribel (Staff)
“I am very excited about this program. It seems completely simple to implement in our everyday use. I’m sure our practice will soon see wonderful results. Jeff explained everything clearly and made the presentation fun and had my attention at all times.”
-Diana (Staff)

Imagecare Dental
“Thanks Jeff for two great days of training. You have a very well thought-out and organized program that I’m sure will be a great boost to our office. You also did a great job handling any questions or concerns about implementing the program and made it fun. Thanks again.”
-Steve P. Thompson, DDS, FAGD
“Jeff, Good seminar from someone who is not a big seminar fan. Clear, concise presentation with impressive strategically placed videos. I am a firm believer in internal referrals being without (peer). Really think your idea of granting importance to others in all settings is (pivotal) to exceptional relationships. Well said.”
-Dr. Ken Henry, DDS
“The take home message for me, was to take care of others and you will be taken care of. Keep other’s welfare foremost in mind and doing so will enable you to allow for your service and product to sell itself. If you give in abundance, you will also receive in abundance”
-Josh (Staff)

“I thought today’s seminar was entertaining. It gave me not only a positive approach for asking for help from current patients to obtain new ones, but also a positive way to start each day. Yes!”
-Sheri (Staff)
“Asking something from someone is not easy for me, but Jeff really made this process easy to follow. I feel confident that I will be able to follow this plan easily and successfully. Say Yes to Success!”
-Debra (Staff)

“I felt the program to be very informative, and did keep my interest. I do feel with time and practice I will be able to add this program to my routine.”
-Mandy (Staff)

“I found your presentation to be very thought provoking and informative. I’ve always known how important it is to have referrals but have never thought it through to the extent that you presented. You are great at what you do. ”
-Teryn (Staff)

“Great ideas for successful, planned growth of the practice. Presented and taught in understandable practical terms. Looking forward to starting the program. Great enjoyable presentation by Jeff.”
-Linda (Staff)

“I’ve been present at many different workshops and listened to several different referral concepts. This has been my favorite and something I feel comfortable doing and something I feel will really benefit the practice. Jeff was great and very informative.”
-Jessica (Staff)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. I feel I’m leaving with confidence and knowledge on how to market patients both internally and externally. The presentation was informative, easy to understand and fun. Jeff is a great speaker and teacher. Thank you for your time and expertise!”
-Angie (Staff)
“Jeff was great, very informative, full of energy, very easy to listen to and had great ideas of how to improve our patient’s growth.”
-Tiffany (Staff)
“Great program and great info to help build the practice. Getting the best patients working for us will definitely benefit everyone. Jeff was energetic, informative and a great presenter.”
-Tara (Staff)
“The workshop today was awesome!! I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to ask for referrals through a fun and comfortable environment. I learned how to be confident in speaking to others and to always keep my head held high.”
-Brandy (Staff)

“Very informative, a comfortable way of getting patients to send others to us. A nice change from uncomfortable rote verbiage.”
-Rita (Staff)

“This was extremely enlightening, and I learned a lot in a fun environment. Most of the time these types of seminars are dreaded, but today I truly enjoyed myself. Jeff had a great way of making this easy to learn.”
-Sarah (Staff)

Dockham Dental Care
“Well, I just looked back over this year and also compared the month of May for the past 3 years and we have the best month for this year this month and the best May for the past 3 years... with minimal fee increases!!

The NPR referral system and the team working together are really working. I have had stable growth as a result of this program; we are seeing another 175 new patients each year.”
-David L. Dockham, DDS, PS

“Just a quick note to let you know how much fun we're having at the office, with the new referral program. It has been real easy to add it to our daily schedule. The patients really get excited when they learn about the program. I even had a patient call me and request more cards for her to hand out.”
-Vicki (Patient Coordinator for Dockham Dental Care)
Smile More Live More has made our office more fun and challenging every day. We have made it fun by seeing who can hand out the most cards. It's great to see staff say "oh you beat me to it" if the patient already got some from someone else. That's the challenging part. Trying to "beat" the other staff to handing out cards. We all participate as a team to make it more rewarding for all of us.
-Amy Mikek (Staff)
“‘Not a referral card’, ‘People are not ‘signing’, ‘A thank you program’. These are all great and helpful new marketing strategies.”
-Sarah (Staff)

“Jeff Simms is an inspiration to the marketing world. He keeps you focused and well informed on how to bring new patients into the practice. I’m glad I’ve been given the opportunity to meet him. Smile more, Live more.”
-Amy (Staff)

Appel Orthodontics

“Jeff’s high energy presentation jump started my staff towards a more productive practice. The guy’s a referral machine rock star!”
-Steve Appel, DDS, PC

“I felt that I am an important player in the team, and can make a huge impact in this office with“Love Your Smile”. I got great ideas on how to get more patients in here.”
-Lesenia (Staff)

“I found the referral program easy to follow. A positive attitude can spread!”
-Kathy (Staff)

“I was a little skeptical going into this program because I feel that I have a hard time selling“products”. But after I found that it is very easy with the“Love Your Smile” card, I can’t wait to start!”
-Stefanie (Staff)

“Jeff was very interesting and enlightening. I have a better idea of how to market our practice now. His positive attitude is very inspiring and contagious, which is a good thing of course.”
-Regina (Staff)

“The seminar was truly enlightening and uplifting. Jeff showed me a way to help boost my confidence so I can make a difference in others.”
-J.S. (Staff)

“It helped me become very motivated in helping Dr. Appel expand his practice.”
-Kimberly (Staff)

Atlanta Dental Center

“I am proud to report; we had 11 new patient referrals last week, from your Smile More Live More program we recently implemented.

The staff are giving out referral cards like nobody's business. One of my staff earned 75 dollars last week as a reward for her efforts! She is walking around with a big smile on her face. For the last 25 years of practice, I have never seen my staff so motivated and happy to promote our dental practice, help patients and motivate them to send in referrals. It has brought the enthusiasm level to a highest ever in our practice and continues to do so every day.

Thank you so much for helping us create such a fun and good health driven game.”
-Joel Benk, DDS

“I always look forward to your presentations!! You always introduce a new outlook on targeting new patients as well as targeting new goals in life. I can always take what I’ve learned and apply it to my own life. Thanks for making it fun and lively.”
-Jack (Staff)

“Smile More Live More has been an inspiration to me since it has been introduced. The lessons learned will stick with me a lifetime, as well as help me bring fruitfulness into others lives.”
-Lakisha (Staff)

“I feel like the presentation was helpful in attracting new patient referrals from existing patient’s families and close friends or even co-workers. Jeff, you are awesome and knowledgeable about what works and your ideas for SMLM are a success. I will try 100% to imitate you and your techniques.”
-A.D. (Staff)

Robert Burks, DDS
“The presentation that Mr. Simms gave to our office was awesome, fun and very educational. We learned ways to implement“Smile More Live More” even better, as this is our second year on the program. He just helped us to know what and what not to say. Thanks Mr. Simms.”
-Kiyana (Staff)
“Wow! Jeff made something so complicated seem so easy. It is genius! I’m thrilled that our whole team sees the value in this program. I can’t wait to try it. I know that this program will bring us success! In our current business climate; this is exactly what we need! Thank you Jeff!”
-Holly (Staff)
“Jeff presented to our office a genuine way of getting our existing patients to ‘market’ us. He made me feel excited to start this program with enthusiasm.”
-Peggy (Staff)
“Wonderful! Wonderful! This will be so easy, Jeff makes it sound easy, I tried it and it was. The system will help our office grow leaps and bounds.”
-Jan (Staff)
“I am very excited to help my boss build his practice and find others a wonderful dentist. The presentation was fun, informative and very encouraging. I am now motivated to refer our existing patients friends and family to our office in a whole new way, thanks to Jeff.”
-Carrie (Staff)
McLean Family Dentistry
“Thank you Jeff for introducing us to Smile More Live More! The results have been positive. Through recognition we have become a stronger team as we share the common goal of new patient growth. This is our second year with NPR. We would highly recommend your program to any practice who is seeking a simple yet effective referral system.”
-Joe Catanzano, DDS
“Nice to realize patients want to thank us and refer friends and family. I did not previously think that it was a way to thank our patients by asking for a referral, this is a good alternative. Thanks for helping us.”
-Charles Ferrara DDS
“Jeff, thank you for the training and support you have brought to our practice. I look forward to growth and success with our patients and flow for our practice. Again, thank you and god bless.”
-Iva (Staff)

“This was well presented and fun. This sort of thing is somewhat out of my comfort zone, but, with the exercises I should be able to do it smoothly.”
-Diane (Staff)

“Great idea, wonderful presentation! I am looking forward to ‘reaping’ the rewards while watching this practice grow! Creating more smiles so we all can live more!”
-Amy (Staff)

Laser Assisted Cosmetic Family Dentistry

“I’ve always known that my best patients were sent to me by like patients. Now I look forward to giving these patients the tools to grow my practice.”
-Jonathan Dubin, DMD, FAGD
“Like the succinct presentation. Believe in visualization. ‘Perfect practice (need to rehearse until you can do it naturally) makes perfect’. See you in Fiji!”
-Tammy Bregman, DMD, FAGD
“Good presentation. Principles of the ‘for your smiles only’ concept makes sense, while being easy to implement.”
-Brook (Staff)

David Howington, DMD

“I learned how to better ‘ask’ for new patients using more effective internal marketing techniques.”
-David Howington, DMD
“I learned that the more consistent we are and the more professional we are will directly affect the number of patients that are referred to us. As long as our patients love us, we are in business.”
-Amanda (Staff)
“It’s a fun lighthearted game among co-workers and patients that reward all people involved in multiple ways. Very easy to present a gift to someone, makes you feel good and sets a standard for the dental practice that we care not only about their oral health but them personally as well. It sets a goal to work towards for all who accept the challenge.”
-Beth (Staff)
“In today's NPR meeting, I learned how to successfully generate New Patients in our dental office and I feel confident this process will work.  I also feel more confident in myself about speaking to patients in a professional, but natural way. I believe that this will continue the success of our business.”
-April (Staff)

Dr. Bard Levey’s Smile Design Studio
“High energy. Interesting new information. Stuff you already know, but never implement on your own. Seems like we can now really unleash the potential of our patient base.”
-Bard Levey DDS
“Smile More Live More works for me because I can work it into my patient’s appointment in a natural, uncontrived manner. I’m excited to think I’ll be helping our patients and ourselves Smile More and Live More!”
-Athena (Staff)
Jeffrey Miller, DDS
“The presentation was upbeat, relevant and really drove home a point. Everyone seemed involved and excited.”
-Jeffrey Miller, DDS

“The presentation was dynamite. I am excited to start the program. It will bring our team together in a great way. Yes, it will work!”
-Karen (Staff)
“I feel comfortable using ‘life smiles’ referrals and talking to patients about it. Role playing was helpful and prizes were fun. I’m sure this program will work well because it’s easy to use for the patients, and everyone will gain from it.”
-Laura (Staff)

Lawrence Dental Solutions
“Outstanding energy, engagement and improvement. We are very excited to get started and expect this to be a very long lasting relationship.”
-Les Miller DDS
“I am so excited to get started with this program. I’ve been excited and passionate about dentistry and using as a way to help others, but have been uncomfortable in trying to promote my business to friends and the community. With Smile More Live More I know I’m going to feel good about this and create a positive energy in the office and community. I’ve completely enjoyed these last few days.”
-Kelly Miller DDS
“I love your Golden Window idea! It will help me to see things in a more positive way. Also the cards! I know I will be able to use them the way that you presented and get great results!”
-Anita (Staff)
“Training went very well! I am excited to use the new verbiage with our clients and looking forward to watching our practice grow. Thank you for the extra knowledge”
-Missi (Staff)
“Thank you Jeff! It was very informative and positive. It is nice to have another way to communicate with our patients about bringing in their friends and families. I’m excited to share our new cards!”
-Debby (Staff)
Everett Springs Center for Cosmetic Dentistry
“My team and I are very impressed with the gift card concept and we will see very promising results in the coming months. Great verbal skills taught, demonstrated, and heavily role played to get everybody confident on message. Eager to get the program underway.”
-Tom Montenero DMD, PC

Waterford Dental Health
“Well presented seminar with sincere engagement of the participants with humor and important information to impart to the staff. Time will tell how effective our efforts will be reaped.”
-Bruce Patterson, DMD
“Jeff did an outstanding job. Presented topics clearly, and he was very engaging. I feel this low key, low pressure approach will entice our patients to become advocates and partners with our office.”
-Ken Nogacek, DMD
“Thanks for the great motivating presentation! Looking forward to the results. The team seems to be on the same page, even the role playing was successful! Thanks!”
-Lisa Nogacek, DMD
“The presentation was good. The concept is simple. If it is worked properly, I feel it could be very effective. It could change the dynamics or our practice.”
-Barry Bienstock, DDS
“Very helpful seminar. Should be a very effective marketing tool in our practice. Material was presented and explained. Can’t wait to see the new patients roll in! Thanks Jeff! ”
-Jason Campbell, DDS
“That our office is exclusive to this program in our area, the reward program is a win win for everyone.”
-Tanya (Staff)
“Jeff is an unbelievable presenter. We learned new ways to market our practice in a more financially“smart” way. Like it or not, we will learn if our patients are loyal by the amount of cards that make it back to us. Practicing our verbal communication put us at ease in order to present the gift cards. Jeff’s enthusiasm will make it easier to retain the new information.”
-Mily (Staff)
“I was very pleased with today’s meeting. To be honest, I thought it would be boring and redundant but Jeff was very enthusiastic and funny, he made me want to listen. I think what was discussed will be very effective in establishing new patients. I look forward to starting this new project. I think our office is very competitive, so this will add some fun for us all. Thank you.”
-Tara (Staff)
Thompson Dental Care
“Thanks Jeff for two great days of training. You have a very well thought-out and organized program that I’m sure will be a great boost to our office. You also did a great job handling any questions or concerns about implementing the program and made it fun. Thanks again.”
-Steve Thompson, DDS
“Renewed energy comes to mind when I think of the presentation on our new gift card program. There is something new to learn every day. The main points I was reminded of are: 1) We really do have a great team already. 2) We can always step up our game. 3) Not to fear changes and progress. 4) It’s ok to have fun. 5) Can’t always do the same old thing and expect positive change. 6) Marketing has to keep up with current culture. 7) It’s ok to ask for new patients.”
-Diana (Staff)

“1) Was very light, interesting, enlightening and stayed fun. 2) I think this will help our office greatly. 3) Fun made it easy. 4) Very natural, as we didn’t have to memorize a bunch of words, etc. 5) I think it will be very well accepted in this economy also.”
-Carolyn (Staff)

“It was so much easier doing it your way than in the past. To keep it light, easy and fast helps us not to be goofy when passing the ‘gift’ cards out (not referral cards). Just changing that word to ‘gift’ makes it so much more fun. Keep in touch and make sure we don’t fall off the wagon.”
-Candy (Staff)

“It was easy enough to add to our daily routine. Keep it simple and fun was the key for me.”
-Yvette (Staff)

Riley York Dentistry
“Jeff is full of energy and has brought a new sense of vitality and new life to our office. I haven’t seen the staff so excited about anything before.”
-Dr. Roy York

“What a fun and lighthearted way to grow a practice”
-Libby (Staff)

“Jeff, I thought about you this morning as I looked in the mirror. Yes, Yes, Yes. Enjoyed meeting with you today. I learned that I do have the ability to play the game and have fun doing it. I’m encouraged, motivated… Thanks. YES!”
-Norma (Staff)

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with our group. I learned that manners go a long way. First impressions do make a difference in people’s thoughts. Working for a practice is not about money, it’s about making a change in people lives.”
-Trinie (Staff)

“Thank you so much Jeff for your wonderful energy and spirit! I am certain that our team will cherish, embrace and use the 7 keys to making our practice thrive! We love you and your smile!”
-Adina (Staff)

“Loved today’s presentation! Very encouraging and felt fulfilled afterward. YES! to new beginnings.”
-Paige (Staff)

“Today I learned how to correctly talk with patients about sharing our office with others. I learned how we can better our office. We reward our patients, which in turn reward us. I look forward to improving the lives of more people and showing that we truly care. With the ‘Love Your Smile’ gift cards, we can advertise our office in a smart, classy way.”
-Lizzy (Staff)

“I really enjoyed going through all of the exercises because it made me see things differently. I also learned how to approach people without making them feel attacked or making them feel like they have to work in ‘referring’ people. It also helped with talking to people who are rude or jokers.”
-Marla (Staff)

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